Baking 211 Day 11

Thursday, December 17

Last practical of the year!! Whoohoo!


I made a 100%!

Today's plate's theme was Tarte Tatin-a classic French dessert. It is basically an upside down apple pie with with caramel sauce.

So, I made a puff pastry Vol-A-Vent (sort of like a well, or little cup), filled it with saboyan sauce (egg yolks, sugar, and white wine), and let it over flow with sauted apples. On the side I added a caramel parfait.
The components of the plate were great...I just wish I could have plated it better. Chef loved it. I didn't. I couldn't get a good picture of it...for some reason it just looks messy in the picture.

Well, that is all for now. =)
Merry Christmas!! 
See you next year!

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