Baking 101. Day 5

Friday, July 31

Today we finished our almond macaroons by filling them with raspberry jam. It took awhile to get the macaroons like this. I practiced for three days before our practical today. I still need practice...

Almond Macaroons.

Powdered Sugar 6 0z
Almond Flour 4 1/3 oz
Egg Whites 4 0z
Sugar 3.5 oz

Sift P. sugar and flour.
Whip egg whites and add sugar slowly as for cold meringue.
Fold in flour mixture.
Pipe on parchment paper.
Let dry for one hour.
Cook at 275 for about 20 minutes.

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Baking 101. Day 2-cookies.

Tuesday, July 28

My first week in the kitchen!! Today I made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. We are studying the creaming method. So far I've learned that it is quite messy!!
Sugar Cookies.

8 oz Butter and/or shortening
10 oz Sugar
0.16 oz Salt
2 oz Eggs
2 oz Milk
0.25 oz Vanilla extract
1.25 lb Cake flour
0.63 oz Baking Powder

Creaming method

Drop method

Chocolate Chip Cookies.
5 oz Butter or half butter and half shortening
4 oz Granulated sugar
4 oz Brown sugar
0.12 oz Salt
3 oz Eggs
0.16 oz Vanilla extract
10 oz Pastry flour
0.12 oz Baking soda
10 oz Chocolate chips
4 oz chopped nuts

Creaming method

Drop method


my birthday.

Sunday, July 26

My wonderful took me to Bonefish Grill for my birthday. I had never been their before and I absolutely loved it! For an appetizer we ordered calamari. I have never had squid or octupus before, but I am so glad I tried it! It was delicious! I ordered salmon with mango salsa. He got shrimp and sea scallops. Both were tasty!! It was a great night!


happy birthday to me.

My YUMO birthday cake! No, I didn't make it. I wish I had. And some day I will make cakes like this AND more amazing cakes! But just for this one special time =), I relied on yummy Coldstone Creamery!!


.apple turnovers.

Saturday, July 25

Over the past couple years I have learned that with some things, improvising works wonderfully. And with other things...not so much.
Being a broke college student, I had to go the cheap route and improvise while baking these apple turnovers for my family. As you can see, they didn't turn out so great. But my family loved them anyway!!


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