So, what is the big deal about gelato?

Monday, February 22

Rimini Cafe at Beaver Creek

We often get a lot of questions about the gelato and sorbettos served here at Rimini. The most popular question is "What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?" 

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking there really is no difference. Well, trust me, there is!

#1 difference-gelato is lower in calories! (It is funny how many women will change their mind about getting some once they here this!) 

Because gelato is made with milk instead of cream, it is lower in fat, automatically lowering the calories.

#2 difference-the flavor is more intense. 

Since the gelato is spun (in the machine) at a slower speed than ice cream, it makes the flavor way more intense. 

Sorbetto is simply made of sugar, water, and fruit. But, it is unbelievable how good it is.  You would be surprised how many kids pick the fruit sorbettos over the gelatos. 

One of the perks of this job-I get to sample while I work. =) YUM. 


How perfect is the Lord?!

Saturday, February 20

It amazes me how the Lord sets everything up. As I was working yesterday, I couldn't help but realize how perfect this externship is for me. Let me explain....

  • I LOVE coffee and I have always been interested in all the different drinks there are. 
Working front of the house in the cafe has allowed me to learn how to make all the different coffee drinks. Not only am I going to get to practice my skills as a pastry chef, I also am expanding my education! I am learning more than my school could teach me! 

  • I like working with breads and baked goods better than cakes and other things of that nature. 
Because Rimini has its own bakery, once I am scheduled to work in the bakery, I will be working with what I love most! I will be baking all sorts of breads, cookies, pastries, and other goodies to supply the two Rimini cafes. 

  • I am considering opening my own little bakery one day. 
Working with such a small company enables me to learn all about small business management. Mike, the night manager, is teaching me about keeping the books and other things like that while we close up at nights. 

Isn't the Lord amazing?! He knew just what I needed! 


Colorado Day 2.

Wednesday, February 17

Not only did I learn to make Rimini's famous gelato and sorbetto today, I also learned that I was walking to the wrong bus stop. Yesterday, I walked to a bus stop that was pretty far from my town home. Other intern told me this morning that there was another bus stop about a 2 minute walk from the house!

Today was hectic. Very busy, but very fun! I only worked four hours (training), but I feel worn out. Tomorrow, I start a full shift at the Vail location. =D Excited!

Rimini Cafe at Beaver Creek


Colorado Day 1.

Tuesday, February 16

Well, I have officially started my externship. 
Colorado is gorgeous. I love it here! 

I am staying in a town home with 7 other interns. Rimini is a cafe/bakery. There are two cafe locations and one bakery. I trained at the Vail cafe today for three hours. Tomorrow, I will train at the Beaver Creek cafe. After that, I have the  night shift at the Vail location Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Trying to figure out the bus route was the most challenging thing about today. I've never had to ride a bus before! 
Once I got to Rimini, Meredith, the assistant chef, showed me the ropes. I made coffees, crepes, and sandwiches. Tomorrow I will learn more about their famous gelato. I can't wait! I had so much fun today. I will post pictures once I take a couple of the cafes. 

The Lord has blessed me with this awesome externship! 


A New Start.

Saturday, February 13

From cookies to cakes, I have enjoyed every minute of Le Cordon Bleu. 
I originally started this blog to keep a record of my days in class, as well as have a simple way to show my family and friends my products. 
Now that I have finished my classes, I am not sure what to do. 
I do intend to write daily (or weekly-whatever time permits) reports of my days in Colorado. 
But, as I make the transition from class to work, I am not sure how this blog will fit in. 
Any suggestions? 
Feel free to email me at if you have any ideas for this blog. 
It will be greatly appreciated. 


Baking 220 Day 15. Last day at Le Cordon Bleu.

Friday, February 12

The day has arrived. My last day at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.
I have enjoyed every single minute of class time. I have learned so much, and I feel extremely prepared to hit the work force.

For the past two days I have been using hot sugar to make pieces for my last practical. Chef drew a showpiece, put it together, then told us we had to make one just like it for our sugar practical. 

Pieces from the past two days. 

Today I put all the pieces together to make this:

I was one of the lucky ones today. Nothing fell before she graded it! (There was about 3 or 4 people whose showpieces collapsed or broke in some way before Chef could grade them.) 

Want to know what this showpiece earned me? A freaking 100!!! =D 
What a way to end the day! 

I am off to Colorado to put my skills to use! 
Wish  me luck. ;)


Baking 220 Day 12

Tuesday, February 9

I have no pictures from yesterday because my entire underwater showpiece collapsed before I could snap a picture. But I don't mind too much. I thought it was rather ugly.

Today we practiced making this evil-looking flower. There are going to be three of them on our practical showpiece. I am glad we get to start our practical tomorrow! 

evil looking flower =) 


Baking 220 Day 10

Friday, February 5

We finished our blown sugar fruits today by airbrushing them. We made a fruit showpiece by gluing them to a base. A couple of my fruits broke =( so I ended up with this. 
I thought it looked sorta bland.
Chef told us there is going to be a huge laminated ribbon bow on our practical, and I am not very good with laminated ribbons. With my extra time today, I practiced making ribbons. I made a small bow and because I didn't want to throw it away!, I attached it to my fruit showpiece. =)

Monday we are making an underwater showpiece with little fishys and a small crab! =D 


Baking 220 Day 8 & 9

Thursday, February 4

Despite blistered fingers, I am having a blast in this class!

Yesterday we learned the blowing sugar technique. In order to learn spheres we were instructed to make snowmen. We also had to learn laminated sugar ribbon. We were only required to make one snowman, with a laminated ribbon scarf, but I was having so much fun, I made two. =) 

Today we also learned how to make fruits. We will airbrush them tomorrow and build a small showpiece. We also will be making candy canes. =D Yummo! 


Baking 220 Day 7

Tuesday, February 2

Today was the first day of working with sugar for this rotation. For the rest of the rotation, we will be learning different techniques each day. Here is today's showpiece.


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