Baking 220 Day 1& 2

Tuesday, January 26

On day one of Baking 220, Chef started us out making three different truffles. Orange truffles (hand rolled), Casis-black current-truffles (piped), and Rocher truffles (clusters).

orange truffles waiting to be dipped in chocolate

Casis truffles

Rocher (has a macadamia nut in the middle)

Today, we finished them off using tempered chocolate. The orange truffle and rocher got dipped in dark chocolate, and the casis got white chocolate.

Orange truffle ("haystack" style), Casis, & Rocher
These were so good!!!
After we finished those, we learned to make poly-carbonate molded truffles.
To do this, we have to use tempered chocolate. If the chocolate isn't tempered correctly, there is no way to save the truffles. You have to start completely over. It is so frustrating. But when the truffles pop perfectly out of the molds, the satisfaction is worth the frustration!

Mimosa truffles-half filled.

White Chocolate Mimosa truffles.

I was so happy when these came out perfect!! =D

Tomorrow=peanut butter fudge and caramels!!

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