Taste of Vail: Mountain Top Picnic

Tuesday, April 13

Last week, I got to participate in the Taste of Vail. Chef Michele chose Emily, Megan, and I to run Rimini's booth at the Mountain Top Picnic. Several Vail restaurants set up booths and serve food samples to the skiers. 
Rimini usually serves gelato, but this year Michele decided to do a "Hot Chocolate Bar". 
We served three different kinds of hot chocolate-Rimini's classic hot chocolate, dark chocolate orange, and white chocolate cinnamon. The white chocolate cinnamon was my favorite. It was so good! 

Skiers were allowed to choose between vanilla whipped cream and chocolate whipped cream. We also supplied several topping options like toffee bits, brownie bites, homemade marshmallows, and chocolate candies. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

Three different hot chocolates

topping options
the homemade marshmallows tasted amazing!

the many wine tables setting up

our booth

other restaurants setting up

getting ready

Once all the skiers showed up, I was too busy to snap a picture of the massive crowd. There were so many people. I had a blast and the hot chocolate was very popular! 

skiers lay their skies up against the snow wall. 
look at all those skis! 

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