Colorado Day 1.

Tuesday, February 16

Well, I have officially started my externship. 
Colorado is gorgeous. I love it here! 

I am staying in a town home with 7 other interns. Rimini is a cafe/bakery. There are two cafe locations and one bakery. I trained at the Vail cafe today for three hours. Tomorrow, I will train at the Beaver Creek cafe. After that, I have the  night shift at the Vail location Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Trying to figure out the bus route was the most challenging thing about today. I've never had to ride a bus before! 
Once I got to Rimini, Meredith, the assistant chef, showed me the ropes. I made coffees, crepes, and sandwiches. Tomorrow I will learn more about their famous gelato. I can't wait! I had so much fun today. I will post pictures once I take a couple of the cafes. 

The Lord has blessed me with this awesome externship! 

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