a walk through my day

Thursday, March 25

I know it has been a while since I have posted, so this week I've been trying to think of something I can post. 

How about a walk through my day? 

Because I have been assigned to the morning shift, my job is to spin/decorate/prep the gelatos and sorbettos.

First, I sanitize the ice cream machines. When they are ready to use, I put the gelato in the machine and spin it for about 12 minutes.

It is one messy business. 

When the machine beeps, I deposit the gelato/sorbetto into a hotel pan.

Then, it gets garnished with whatever I have on hand. 

In this case, its fresh raspberries and a red sugar garnish.

The pan goes into the blast freezer for 5 to 10  minutes so the gelato firms up some before being put in the sale case. 
blast freezer=COLD! 

After I get done spinning all the different flavored gelato and sorbetto, its clean up time! 
I must take apart the machines and scrub them down. 

All the parts must be washed...and some get a bit of grease. 

Then I put it all back together! 

All clean! =D 

One thing I must do before I go home...prep the gelato and sorbetto mixes for the next day. 

And of course, there are always dishes to be done! 

When the kitchen is all clean, I help my manager with customers. When four o clock rolls around, I rush to the bus stop to hop a ride home. 
And that is my day! 

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