bakery shift.

Friday, April 2

I have finally had to the chance to work in the bakery! 
Although the hours (7 PM to 3 AM) are hard, I have really enjoyed it. I've baked all kinds of great smelling breads! (LOVE the smell of fresh bread.)

Products ready to be delivered:

sheet pans of focaccia bread. (rosemary, parmesan, and pepper)

baguettes, demi baguettes, and multi-grain boules. 

par-baked ciabatta loaves and pillows. 

pastries. (muffins, brownies, biscotti, danishes, cookies, trailmix bars, croissants, and pan au chocolates.) 

hoagie rolls, kaiser rolls, and crackers. bagged and ready to go! 

olive boules, parm and garlic boules, and semolina boules. 

We usually make things like sliders, dinner rolls, and burger buns too. We had a pretty light night last night. I really enjoy it though! 

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